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Jungyae Moosul is a style of martial arts that was created in 1985 by Grand Master

Won Kuk Kim. Master Kim has been able to travel the world, teaching thousands of people and opening countless schools along the way. Since then, Master Kim has decided to settle down and serve the Woodinville martial arts landscape, becoming an integral part of the Woodinville martial arts community as of 2014.

What is Jungyae Moosul?


Here at Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts, we're always making sure our kids learn martial arts while having fun, making friends, and developing life skills. This is true for all of our classes. Leadership development is a huge component in our culture and curriculum.

We have always said,

"We're training tomorrow's leaders today!"


Jungyae Moosul's Executive Classes

The Executive Classes at Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts are focused on the inward and outward development of the student. Where an individual may not be aware of their potential, due to their utmost focus and dedication to their career, our Executive Classes are intent on revealing the layers of greatness within every person that are unfortunately neglected as a result of their separate focus. Through our martial arts and dedicated community, the Executive Classes here at Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts are truly, for students, the step towards a life of greater balance and access of untapped potential.

Lose weight.

Live healthier.

Become the person you always imagined yourself being.

Jungyae Moosul's Fat Burning Fitness

With Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts's weight loss program, our major focus is making sure you lose weight while simultaneously becoming the person that will never have to lose it again. With unique high-intensive interval training based workouts and a system focused on proper nutrition, burning calories and losing weight is made that much easier. 

Above all, with our friendly and encouraging community, the journey of weight loss becomes emotionally and mentally easier, allowing for the process to become an enjoyable and humbling experience. 

You want the best for your child. Unfortunately, this at times means you are not able to be with them due to circumstances like work where you are doing your best to be able to put your child in the best situation. In place, you want your child to be in a space where they can grow, be themselves, happy, and comfortable. At Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts, our After School program emphasizes creating a positive environment focused on allowing children grow and express themselves in a healthy manner.

After School

Master Kim has dedicated his entire life towards his development of his martial arts. Jungyae Moosul was created decades ago but when it was created was the culmination of generations of experience. Since then, Jungyae Moosul has been refined to become the perfect martial art style that joins tradition and modern technique. With all the effort and time Master Kim put in Jungyae Moosul, it may come to a surprise that the most important thing in Master Kim's life is family. Learn more about Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts and Master Kim. 
The Jungyae Moosul Woodinville Martial Arts family is made up of a diverse body. We have students coming from different walks of life and ages. Currently we have students who have started from four to five years old in our Little Dragon classes all the way to seventy five in our Executive classes.
Read some of our testimonials to get see the different kinds of impact that Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts has on people's lives!

Looking to get started?

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