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"I wanted to find an instructor in Woodinville who teaches martial arts. I was so excited when I found Master Kim because he trains both the mind and body. He is an excellent role model and mentor for kids. He helps them achieve and exceed expectations of themselves."

Ronan Antone

"Choosing a master is a serious decision that should not be taken lightly. It is important to choose someone who inspires trust and respect. Master Kim at Woodinville Karate is the kind of master who can teach you how to become the best martial artist.


It is an awesome place for kids to learn martial arts, build confidence and leadership skills. Highly recommend."

Tau Liang

"This woodinville martial arts club is amazing! Master Kim is amazing with children. The program teaches leadership skills as well as martial arts."

Sabina Makhdoom

"My 5-year old son has been taking Mr. Kim's Karate club for 3 months, and he really loves this club. Mr. Kim is a nice coach who really loves kids and has great passion for working and playing with kids. One of the most important difference between this club and other clubs is that Mr. Kim not only teach kids martial arts, but also teach a lot of positive philosophy, such as confidence, bravery, optimism, respect and healthy life style, such as eating healthy food. In addition, Mr. Kim is doing well in using various interesting exercises and games during the process of Karate teaching, which undoubtedly improving my son's passion and interests in participating in this club. "

Dennis Lin

"This review could be like a team posting for 3 sons, wife and self who all enjoy studying martial arts AND life success skills with Grand Master Kim at his woodinville club. I’m sure we all get a boatload of different benefits from our time with him, so in this review I will just mention the unique benefits I’m privileged to receive from a father/parental perspective.


First and foremost, Master Kim is incredible in reinforcing the positive attitudes and behaviors that will benefit my kids for the rest of their lives. As a parent, I have found this level and quality of parental assistance NO WHERE ELSE.


Personally, having suffered a decade long bout with a genetic disease before studying with Master Kim, I was badly “crippled up” and living with very marginal fitness. With the brilliant fitness coaching and martial arts mastery I found here, I have recovered a meaningful range of motion I had thought lost forever. I am no longer an easy mark for ill intentioned people.


Further, with the world seeming ever more dangerous, I am relieved and confident that my whole family is far safer than ever.


The thing is, we are all having great FUN, gaining fitness, enabling ourselves broadly in self defense and building important attitudinal strength all for the same investment in time and dollars. Talk about bang for the buck!"

W.R. Ford Smith II, Executive Student

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