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You're in good company.

Join numerous others at Jungyae Moosul's exclusive Executive classes







Thane Peterson, Microsoft  Software Developer


What is Executive?

What is Executive?

The Executive Class is the stand out class within the Woodinville Martial Arts community.

Passing on our decades of life and martial arts experience, we are focused on supporting the development of our students in the class and out, on a much deeper level.

Executive is about bringing a much more premium experience to martial arts. Combining the unique teachings from Jungyae Moosul's Master Kim while focusing on growth in important but neglected aspects of life, our Executive Class becomes that much more deeper and layered than the average martial arts course.

Our class body finds itself composed of incredible leaders and established individuals.

View their stories to see how the Executive Class experience and Master Kim impacted their lives.

Richard Muhlebach, founder of Richard Muhlebach LLC

Kelly McGill, Director HR at Amazon

Maria Muhlebach

Always Improving

Within our world, our youth are brought up disciplined and motivated to find a path that aligns with them. Unfortunately, that path often leaves only enough room for our careers with some of the greater things in life, such as our physical, mental, spiritual, and social health being left behind. Leaving the other aspects of our lives on the back burner, it appears more often than not we are left hoping for a day where we'll be able to reconstruct the pillars in our life we left to deteriorate. Many of us are living that life now. We have put in time and dedication to have reached comfortable phases, many of us peaks in our careers, but are still left struggling. We're living our lives unsatisfied, even when it feels like we've achieved everything we could and have everything we could possibly want to own. Knowing all this, Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts does not believe we are the answer to all the burning questions, doubts, and health problems that have been building up for years. However, Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts can guarantee that within the Executive Class environment your path will begin to widen, allowing for you to begin growing personally and spiritually alongside your career. Through the martial arts and discussions found exclusively within our Executive Classes, you will see that Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts's Executive Class serves as the perfect platform to begin finding balance in your life.

Our Executive Class will serve as THE plan that gets you back in control of your life.

"This review could be like a team posting for 3 sons, wife and self who all enjoy studying martial arts AND life success skills with Grand Master Kim at his woodinville club. I’m sure we all get a boatload of different benefits from our time with him, so in this review I will just mention the unique benefits I’m privileged to receive from a father/parental perspective.


First and foremost, Master Kim is incredible in reinforcing the positive attitudes and behaviors that will benefit my kids for the rest of their lives. As a parent, I have found this level and quality of parental assistance NO WHERE ELSE.


Personally, having suffered a decade long bout with a genetic disease before studying with Master Kim, I was badly “crippled up” and living with very marginal fitness. With the brilliant fitness coaching and martial arts mastery I found here, I have recovered a meaningful range of motion I had thought lost forever. I am no longer an easy mark for ill intentioned people.


Further, with the world seeming ever more dangerous, I am relieved and confident that my whole family is far safer than ever.


The thing is, we are all having great FUN, gaining fitness, enabling ourselves broadly in self defense and building important attitudinal strength all for the same investment in time and dollars. Talk about bang for the buck!"


Co-founder of PetSmart

Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Jungyae Moosul is a martial art style that was created decades ago by Grand Master Won Kuk Kim. Master Kim learned martial arts his entire life and dedicated his knowledge and experience into the creation of Jungyae Moosul. Jungyae Moosul blends together multiple different styles and techniques, providing the student a martial arts experience like no other. There is a major emphasis on root principles, the "why" a certain movement or technique is performed, allowing for an easier learning curve and enjoyable experience. Altogether, Jungyae Moosul brings a diversity to martial arts. Within the Executive Class, students will be given the opportunity to learn self-defense, hand techniques, boxing forms, a wide array of weapons, and much more.


Private Lessons

Private Lessons

With a tight-knit group composing our Executive Classes at Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts, we are able to provide teachings in intimate settings. We are able to provide greater levels of attention at our school and are happy to say that we are willing to bring the Executive Class experience wherever you may be.

If this means holding lessons at a private area more comfortable for you, including your home, Jungyae Moosul and Master Kim will gladly provide as such, while still holding the guarantee that the Executive experience will not be lost along the way.

Here are some samples of Master Kim working with our Executive students.

Thane Peterson practicing one-on-one knife self defense with Master Kim. 

Richard Muhlebach training one-on-one with pads with Master Kim.

Kelly McGill and W.R. Ford Smith II running through boxing drills with Master Kim.

W.R. Ford Smith II developing his Muay Thai technique through one-on-one pad training with Master Kim

Embark on your journey.

Discover your greater purpose.

Learn martial arts personally from those with decades of experience.

Be a part of a special group of established leaders.

Curious about the history and philosophy at Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts? Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts has been around since the first half of this decade, but the style of martial art created by Master Kim has been around since its birth in 1985. Learn more about Master Kim and our school.
Unsure about Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts? Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts also focuses greatly on its children level classes. Taking a look at our Testimonials page should provide another perspective into how Master Kim and Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts approaches teaching and developing students and relationships.
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