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Where your child can learn martial arts and build lasting life skills and friendships safely.

Leadership Skills

Develop Friends

Improve Coordination

Little Dragon

Little Dragon

(Ages 7 and under)

You want the best for your child. You want your child to be able to go to a place where they feel comfortable. Comfortable because they get to be in an environment where they're able to do something they love, as themselves, with people who share the same bond. You want your child to grow, learn more about themselves and the world, while developing lasting life and leadership skills.

And at Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts, we want the exact same thing.

Develop coordination and skills in a fun way, unique to Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts.

Learn about the power of teamwork, and the joy in working with others!

Develop Social Skills

Find their Confidence

Learn Teamwork

Elite Dragon

Elite Dragon

(Ages 8 and up)

With the next age group up, we earnestly make sure that our kids are feeling invited and a part of a family.

Our martial arts for kids make sure the children are supported in their development of friendships and social skills.

All the while feeling comfortable and happy with the friends they are able to make at Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts, our martial arts program is structured to allow every child to grow their self esteem and confidence as they improve their abilities and mentality each step of the way. 

Have your child learn discipline and respect as they develop the building blocks of martial arts. They will learn self-defense and basic martial art skills within the karate classes for kids!

MartialAts_2-28-08 467.jpg

Introduce your child to a fresh and fun way to develop their confidence and hand-eye coordination.

Hear stories from others at Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts!

Jeremy has been training with us for over a year now, beginning his journey back in the Elite Dragon class. Just recently, him and along with a few other fellow students received and became Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts's first generation Black Belts! Beyond his incredible growth within the academy, Jeremy has also shown that he has made incredible growth outside too. Listen to Jeremy's story.
Ronan, father of Jeremy, a student in our Elite Dragon class
Since the grand opening of Jungyae Moosul Martial Arts in the Woodinville area, Ford and Winston have been training with us in their respective classes. As a successful leader and business man, Ford has expected some of the same teachings and support systems that brought him to where he is today to be also taught to Winston in a healthy manner. Listen to how Ford feels that Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts delivers upon the expectations he holds as a parent.
Ford, Executive Student & father of Winston, a student in our Elite Dragon class

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