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Fat Burning Fitness

Change your life in 10 weeks

Fat Burning Fitness is focused on getting you the body you've always wanted. However, Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts is intent on weight loss without forgetting about your health, both in and out. Our program will lead you in how to lose weight, but will always be focused on creating a healthier person for the long term.

The Uniqueness Of Fat Burning Fitness


There are in fact zero shortcuts to losing weight.

However, losing weight does not have to be as difficult as it may have been for you in the past. With uniquely created group workouts and nutrition plans, weight loss is made that much more efficient and easier. But if there's anything that makes Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts so unique in the area of weight loss, it is their attention to supporting the individual like no other. Aside from providing a supporting community, where the body contains people all striving for the same goal, Master Kim and Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts works to create an environment that emphasizes creating a new person inside alongside out. You can be guaranteed that when you reach your finish line, it won't be a temporary stay.

Reinvent Yourself

Jungyae Moosul understands that when an individual begins the journey of weight loss, what they are tackling is a complete change of character, both in and out.

A diet and workout plan are not temporary implementations that are removed once someone reaches their end goal. With the proper support, the lifestyle and habits of a healthy person can be ingrained from the very start. 

High Intensity Cardio

With the years of martial arts and fitness experience, Master Kim has shifted his focus for his Fat Burning Fitness program to make sure he is providing the most effective and diverse range of movements and exercises. FBF's sessions are made to be HIIT (High-intensive interval training) oriented, allowing for students to hit the maximum amount of calories able to be burnt in a period of time. Through Jungyae Moosul's Woodinville Martial Arts's focus on high intensity training and varying movements, students are able to see the most amount of weight loss.   


Diet and Nutrition


When it comes to your diet, figuring out what to eat and what to put into your body does not have to be a battle. Your diet being based off of nutrition, the science of food, will allow you to begin to see the real control a proper diet has over weight. Fat Burning Fitness will enable you to begin to take control of your weight through what you eat, by providing the knowledge that one needs in order to construct a proper weight loss diet and by building the right habits to make sure that individual commits to it.

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